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I am Yuka Suguro, a piano instructor and pianist.
I offer private piano lessons of classical music for kids, teens and adults.

In Japanese "music" is written as "音楽" or "on-gaku".  "音" means sound while "楽" means to enjoy.  While technique is important, during lessons more emphasis is placed on the student's character. 
Putting priority on the development of the student's character leads to their enjoyment of music.
Lessons are available in English and Russian for students from foreign countries.
Lessons are offered 1x p/week, as a 30 min., 45 min., or 60 minute lesson. 
Flexible scheduling is available. 
A free trial lesson is available. 
If you are considering piano lessons, please contact: contact information 


Born in Kobe, Japan.
Yuka Suguro began piano lessons at the age of two in YAMAHA proffessional School.
During that time, she studied piano with Professor Midori Koga who worked at the MSU Music Department.
She entered the Kobe college school of music and studied under Mrs.Sachiyo Nomura.
In August 2013, she moved back to Tokyo, Japan.
Ayaka and Yuka have been volunteering and performing at many venues.

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